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Download CSEP-2 Protocol 6-03.DOC

Center for the Study of Experiential Psychotherapy

University Hall 1420
Department of Psychology
University of Toledo
Director: Robert Elliott, Ph.D.,
Contact/Voicemail: 419-530-4014


Research Protocol Summary (6/2003)

I. Treatment

II. Clients/Patients

III. Research

A. Pretreatment screening & assessment of clients

1. Phone screening

2. Diagnostic assessment:

Session I:

Session II:

3. Present client at CSEP meeting; case disposition

B. Outcome assessment for treatment progress audit

1. Pretreatment packet: [predictor variables]

2. Change packet (pre; every 10 sessions; post [if 3+ since last assessment], follow-ups):

3. Additional change measures:

4. Post only: Change Interview sections:

C. Session-level Process Measures:

1. Presession:

2. Postsession:


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