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Therapist Ratings of Client Process
TRCP,  Developed by James R. Iberg, PhD, September, 1997

Download trcp997.pdf

date:                         client initials or ID:                                       therapist initials:


1.  To what degree did client articulate the full complexity, including internal and external aspects, related to the feelings worked on today?

0         2         4         6         8        10

      minimal                 average                  full articulation


2.  To what extent did the client experience the formation and opening up of immediate, viscerally felt feelings?

0         2         4         6         8        10

no occurrences         some bodily feeling,          several bodily-felt feelings
of bodily feeling      but little opening            formed and most opened up


3.  To what extent today, in your judgment, was the client able to accurately and fully represent his/her true feelings in words and self-image?

0         2         4         6         8        10

very little: seemed highly     some                  seemed exceptionally self-
incongruent.  A lot going                            aware and able to articulate
on in feelings which client                          subtleties of feelings, and
seemed unaware of, or                                talk about experiences at
unable to express                                    odds with ideal self-image


4.  To what degree was the client able to acknowledge his/her full range of feelings without favoring some feelings and resisting others?

0         2         4         6         8        10

very well able                able to                 unable to acknowledge
to witness                    witness some,           feelings without reacting
all feelings                  but not all             to or evaluating them


5.   To what extent in this session did the client seem able to loosen existing ideas and self-conceptions,  to “sense the unknown,” thus opening up to things unexpected or unfamiliar in feelings and experiencing?                 

0         2         4         6         8        10

not at all:  seemed            some                  substantial “letting-go”
attached to certain views                            of previous views
and/or self-conceptions                              and/or self-images


6.  By the end of the session, did the client’s attitude toward self and others seem more narrow and self-oriented, or more humble and considerate of perspectives broader than his/her own?

0         2         4         6         8        10

humble and considerate      in some ways             very narrow and
of broader perspectives     narrow and self-         self-oriented
& other people              oriented, but
                            in other ways




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