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Helpful Aspects of Therapy Form
Robert Elliott (10/93)

Download     hat.rtf    hat.pdf (recommended for printing)


1. Of the events which occurred in this session, which one do you feel was the most helpful or important for you personally? (By "event" we mean something that happened in the session. It might be something you said or did, or something your therapist said or did.)











2. Please describe what made this event helpful/important and what you got out of it.










3. How helpful was this particular event? Rate it on the following scale. (Put an "X" at the appropriate point; half-point ratings are OK; e.g., 7.5.)


HINDERING <----------------- Neutral -------------------> HELPFUL

1       2       3       4       5       6       7       8       9


E       G       M       S               S       M       G       E

X       R       O       L               L       O       R       X

T       E       D       I               I       D       E       T

R       A       E       G               G       E       A       R

E       T       R       H               H       R       T       E

M       L       A       T               T       A       L       M

E       Y       T       L               L       T       Y       E

L               E       Y               Y       E               L

Y               L                               L               Y

                Y                               Y


4. About where in the session did this event occur?



5. About how long did the event last?


6. Did anything else particularly helpful happen during this session?


(a. If yes, please rate how helpful this event was: 

____ 6. Slightly helpful

____ 7. Moderately helpful

____ 8. Greatly helpful

____ 9. Extremely helpful


(b. Please describe the event briefly:






7. Did anything happen during the session which might have been hindering?


(a. If yes, please rate how hindering the event was: 

____ 1. Extremely hindering

____ 2. Greatly hindering

____ 3. Moderately hindering

____ 4. Slightly hindering


(b. Please describe this event briefly:






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