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Post Focusing Questionnaire (PFC)

Name __________________________

Date ___________________________

Session _________________________

This questionnaire is to help us evaluate the instructions you were given, and to help you become aware of the way you work with your feelings. Please answer the following questions with a minimum of one sentence per item, in such -a way as to describe the nature (rather than the content) of your focusing experience. You need only talk about the specific topic to the extent needed to convey the nature of the process you experienced during focusing. Be sure to use at least one complete sentence in your description.

1. Without saying what you focused on, describe in two or three sentences what was happening for you during this time.



2. Describe what happened after I asked you to see if there was anything fresh or new that came out of the focusing.



3. Did your main feeling--your sense of the whole problem --change or move? Describe what that was like.



If you do not feel your main feeling changed, would you say that any feeling changed or became different? Describe what that was like.



4. Describe what happened after I asked you to pay atten tion to the whole sense of the problem or feeling, to let yourself feel the whole thing, and to see if you could get an image of what that's like.



5. Describe what happened when I said: "Keep following that feeling and let words and pictures come from it."



6. How is this different from what you normally do?



7. What surprised you most about doing this?



8. What about this was the best thing for you?



For more on Focusing go to http://www.focusing.org/



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