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Post Focusing Checklist (PFC)

Following is a list of statements and questions which have been used to describe the experience of Focusing. Please read each item and decide whether or not it describes your Focusing experience. Please make your decision on the basis of your experience, NOT what you think it should have been. Since each person's experience is somewhat different, there are no "right" or "wrong" answers.

1. The feeling was very concrete but hard to put into words. _____ _____
2. Did you struggle and not find an object for your feelings? _____ _____
3. Everything is exactly as it was before. _____ _____
4. It was not one whole feeling, but little ones scattered all around the problem. _____ _____
5. I found better words for what I was feeling than I had before. _____ _____
6. Did you find out what was behind the feeling? _____ _____
7. I know I was missing the main point but tried to keep up with what I was supposed to be doing. _____ _____
8. Was there a sense of having worked something through? _____ _____
9. I tried to concentrate and keep an idea focused. _____ _____
10. Words or pictures seemed to come from the feeling. _____ _____
11. The feelings began to make sense and fit in with other things. _____ _____
12. The words or pictures had old or familiar elements put together in a new way. _____ _____
13. Things definitely changed, but not in words or pictures. _____ _____
14. Focusing put things into a new perspective. _____ _____
15. I got to a place where my problems didn't touch me. _____ _____
16. Did the things you thought of seem trivial or inconsequential? _____ _____
17. Had you seen these words or pictures in the same light before? _____ _____
18. The process seemed to get deeper and more engaging. _____ _____
19. Did you have a sense of "I've thought all this before and it's stale"? _____ _____
20. The words I use to describe the feeling are the same but mean something different now _____ _____
21. I began to see how I could make things different. _____ _____
22. Not much was happening but I did find something to think about. _____ _____
23. Did you see now something you hadn't thought of before? _____ _____
24. Were you eventually able to sense clearly the main feeling? _____ _____
25. Was there a sense of wholeness to what you thought about? _____ _____
26. Did your feelings seem to take on new applications or consequences as you explored them? _____ _____
27. Was it rather like daydreaming about what had happened or could happen? _____ _____
28. Were you eventually able to see more clearly the interrelation of the things making up the feeling you had? _____ _____

For more on Focusing go to http://www.focusing.org/



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