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Network for Research on Experiential Psychotherapies

Welcome to the Network for Research on Experiential Psychotherapies (NREP)! 
NREP is a website devoted to the purpose of stimulating research on experiential/ humanistic psychotherapies. It has been founded to provide an overview of the whole range of experiential therapy research, including research on:

We hope that both experienced and neophyte researchers will use the Network for Research on Experiential Psychotherapies as a resource, meeting place and source of ideas. By having our instruments and protocols available, students and other researchers in different parts of the world can download and use them in dissertations and other studies. We can build a large, cross-cultural body of data.

For Experienced Researchers: Please help us make experiential therapy research more cumulative by contributing to the archive research studies, measures and frameworks. Please send us work that you want others to see and use. Please see Submission Information below.

For New Researchers: We are particularly interested in providing support and inspiration for:

By building on existing measures and research, you won't have to "reinvent the wheel" but can instead concentrate on replicating, building on or extending what has already been done. We will keep a list of in-progress research.  If you would like your study or dissertation put on the list, please send us the title, your affiliation or University, your name and an Email contact address for you. Please see Submission Information below.

This website is sponsored by The Focusing Institute in cooperation with the Society for Psychotherapy Research (SPR) and with the cooperation and support of the World Association for Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counseling (WAPCEPC).

Submission Information

Please consider submitting measures, write-ups of studies, methodological work, plus your list of favorite promising leads for research that you havenít had time to get around to but really wish someone would look into. Please be sure to include a brief (2-3 sentence) description of the instrument, study, methodology piece or lead. For instruments, please provide a reference or brief psychometric information if possible, plus your postal or e-mail address. 
Submissions should be sent as attachments to experiential-researchers@focusing.org.

Invitation to participate in the International Project on the Effectiveness of Psychotherapy and Psychotherapy Training:

With support of the Italian Coordinamento Nazionale Scuole di Psicoterapia (CNSP; numbering more than 5000 psychotherapists), and 21 psychotherapy associations belonging to the Italian Federation of Psychotherapy Associations (FIAP; numbering more than 10,000 psychotherapists), an international project has been initiated with the goal of encouraging research in therapy training institutes and centers.   At this point we are collecting expressions of interest and commitments to participate in the planning stage of this project.  For more information, please click here.

-Robert Elliott, Scientific Director (University of Toledo; Robert.Elliott@utoledo.edu
-Alberto Zucconi, Coordinator (University of Siena; azucconi@iacp.it)

Contact Information

Contact Persons:
Robert Elliott
Faculty of Education,
University of Strathclyde
Glasgow UK
Work Phone: 44 (0)141.950.3727
Fax: 44 (0)141.950.3329
Email: fac0029@gmail.com

Catherine Torpey
Executive Director
The Focusing Institute
15 N. Mill St., suite 210
Nyack, NY 10960
+1 (845) 480-5111 (office)
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